our engagements

Our engagements

Doctor Jean-François CHOURAQUI and all the dental team are commited to a code of conduct aiming for the highest comfort and security of their patients.

1- The guarantee of high quality cares.

We put all our knowledge and our experience in the realisation of the treatments that we propose.

Chacun dans leurs spécialités, les docteurs Violaine Lebrusq et Jean-François Chouraqui se forment régulièrement afin de rester à la pointe de leur profession, en rapport avec les données acquises de la science

Tous les matériaux utilisés au cabinet sont aux normes CE comme le stipule la règlementation, mais au delà de cette obligation, nous choisissons toujours les produits de marques réputées afin de garantir une fiabilité et une durabilité des travaux réalisés.

2- A timely appointment.

We consider it essential to treat he patient at the exact time of the appointment. Our time schedule is organized to avoid the overflow even in case of an emergency.

3- The guarantee of secure treatment.

We follow the strictest sterilization protocol. We prefer single-use equipment; other instruments undergo, after each use, a full 3-steps sterilization treatment :

a – As soon as the treatment is completed, the instrument is placed in a machine called «Clean One»

Clean One provides automatic, full and traceable cleaning of all the instruments after use and before sterilization ( Soaking, washing, disinfecting, rinsing and drying).
Clean One is conforms to and is certified to the NF EN 15883 standard.
Immediately after use, the instruments are put into the «Clean One» and come out clean and dry, ready to be packed and sterilized.

b- At the end of the cycle, the instruments are packed in individually thermo-sealed bags.

The bags show a sterilization detector. This is a colored tag wich turns brown after full sterilizarion.
This avoids any potential confusion, by inattention, between a sterilized and a non-sterilized bag

c- The bags are put into a sterilizer equipped with a traceability system.

Every cycle is registered and calidated after verification od all the parameters. Barecodes are printed and stuck onto the bags.
This makes it possible to trace every instrument including the details of the last sterilizing cycle.

for the rotary instruments, we use a special sterilizer to insure between every patient, the cleaning, the decontamination and the sterilization of the dental turbines and the handpieces.

4- The guarantee of communication and explanation.

Before each treatment, we explain the procedure we will use; If different solutions are possible, we discuss them and we advise you in your choice.

If desired, doctor Jean-François Chouraqui can use an intra-oral camera during the cares to show you the progress of the treatment.

5- The guarantee of state-of-the-art equipment.

Doctor Jean-François Chouraqui’s practice is equipped with all the latest technologies, ensuring high quality care, with maximum comfort.

– ZEISS surgical microscopes to perform high precision processing under high magnification..

– Lasers (3 different types) for dental care, surgery, and periodontics.

– Optical impression unit for precisely recording dental surfaces when making Inlay, crowns or bridges without the inconvenience of traditional impression pastes.

– Numerical milling machines for chair side inlays Onlays crowns and veeners.

– Medical imaging equipment (intraoral Xray, dental panoramic and 3D imaging) to ensure accurate diagnosis…