Dental Check Up

Dental Check Up

Our initial dental consultation includes an intensive and holistic assessment of your dental needs and wishes. It will be carried out as often as necessary and when needed.

Starting with a panoramic X-Ray, it is followed by a detailed exam of each tooth and the condition of the gums. This exam will allow us to identify tooth decay, to detect any ailing root canal fillings or other fillings, and equally to confirm the abscence of infections.

If necessary, the exam can be complemented with a 3D CT scan in order to visualize the teeth and bone structure in 3 dimensions.

All above radiographs are taken digitally in order to minimize the amount of radiation and optimize the quality of the X-Rays..

Appareil de radiographie 3D

Visualisation de radios 3D

We use a surgical microscope during the exam, to diagnose early thooth decay and treat them before they cause more damage to your teeth.